11 Dirt Cheap Meals To Try On A Budget – Save More Money & Time


If you are in a situation where money is tight, lowering your expenses will be a great help. Having dirt cheap meals may be the way to go.

It can be hard to look for recipes that are cheap, easy to cook, and still taste amazing. Here are some quick and easy recipes that you can try.

1. Spinach Mushroom Feta Crustless Quiche

2. Worlds Simplest Pancake Recipe This is one of the easiest food items that you can make. You may also add your favorite fruit or whatever is available as your fillings.

3. Easy Chilli Sin Carne

4. Pizza Bagels Get some bagels, mozzarella cheese, pizza sauce and you are good to go!

Make your meals fun yet comforting to your body and, more importantly, to  your wallet.