Debt Lessons That Football Can  Teach You

Let this football season teach us how to stay out of debt. No matter how much you earn, proper planning and budgeting will keep you ahead in the financial game.

It's all about proper management as we grind our way in the football field of life. Take to heart the debt lessons you picked up from this article. And apply this to your own game of life.

1. Budgeting is your game plan.

2. Prepare for the trick plays of life.

How do you start an emergency fund? Slowly. Using your monthly budget, you might set aside just $5 a week at first.

3. Recruit A New Teammate

If you really want to run up the lead on your emergency fund, ask your boss or your Human Resources Department if they’ll help you.

4. Plan For Retirement

Every NFL player thinks about retirement. Even if you’re a rookie all-star, you know you’re one injury away from a life without football.

5. Money Is A Means, Not An End Zone

Don’t let your money rule your life. Rule your money.