How To Use Dave Ramsey Budget Percentages [Helpful & Easy]

Do you want to know the guidelines of the Dave Ramsey budget percentages? He has a very clear opinion on household budget percentages.

To manage your money, these are the different categories and budget percentages David Ramsey recommends:

Giving (10%)

Dave Ramsey sees giving as one of the cornerstones of his budgeting approach. Giving to charities you care about is something I 100% agree with

Saving (10%)

Save 10% of your income towards your future. This can be used towards building up your emergency fund or funding your (early) retirement.

Food (10-15%)

This is a hard one to keep because it’s easy to spend a whole lot of money going out to eat. Plan ahead to avoid going for convenience at the very last minute.

Utilities (5-10%)

Utilities are bills for things including gas, water, and electricity.

Housing budget percentage (25%)

Total housing is your rent or your mortgage, plus any property taxes or insurance you may have.