How Crowdfunding Real Estate Work To Gain Passive Income Story

If you want to diversify your investment portfolio, crowdfunding real estate is one way to do that.

Let’s learn more about real estate crowdfunding and platforms that you can add to your investment needs.

You take care of your own financial goals when investing in real estate crowdfunding, giving you back passive income.

What Is Crowdfunding Real Estate?

Real estate crowdfunding is basically a pool of individual investors contributing a percentage of the total funding for a real  estate project.

How Does Crowdfunding Real Estate Work?

The first is with ongoing distributions and the second is via a share of the property’s final sale price.

How Does Investing In Real Estate Create Passive Income?

Best US real estate crowdfunding platform: CrowdStreet

Best European crowdfunding platform: EstateGuru

Best crowdfunding real estate for beginners:  Fundrise

Best REIT option: DiversyFund

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