Finding the Best Courthouse Wedding Dress To Fit Your Style


Looking for the perfect courthouse wedding dress for your civil ceremony? We'll give you some ideas that will help make your special day perfect!

How To Pick The Perfect Courthouse Wedding Dress

1. Choosing The  Right Style

If your personality is a bit bolder, you might like something a bit opposite to create contrast and stand out! After all, it is your wedding day– you should feel authentic.

Your wedding is an occasion that you should wear what makes you feel best. Use this as a chance to express your unique style.

2. Choosing The  Right Color

3. Choosing The  Right Formality

You’ll want to consider if your dress is appropriate for the setting. A simple, elegant dress will do the trick. It all depends on your comfort level and style.

4. Choosing The  Right Fabric

If you’re getting married in the summer, you’ll want to avoid anything too heavy. A heavier fabric like a dress with sleeves will keep you warm and cozy in winter.

5. Choosing An Affordable Courthouse Wedding Dress

You can buy off-the-rack or a pre-owned wedding gown to save over 50% off the cost of the designer dress of your dreams!