10 Cool Things To Do in Virginia All Throughout the Year


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Did you know the state of Virginia is within a day’s drive (or less) for 60% of Americans and much of Southeastern Canada?

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So if you're looking for a cheap vacation, Virginia might be the destination you're looking for. Here are the cool things to do in Virginia across the seasons.

1. Play World- Class Golf

Virginia’s Tourism board believes that the state has the most diverse golf course offerings on the East Coast.

2. Combine Thrilling Family-Fun And Historical Experiences In One Place

Williamsburg and its immediate surrounding cities are worthy of a place on your family vacation bucket list.

3. Explore A Smithsonian Museum Without Traveling To D.C.

Located right next to the runways at Virginia’s Dulles Airport is a museum so massive in scale that it often takes people’s breath away.

4. Step Into The Scenes Of Your Favorite TV Shows And Movies

The state’s varied landscapes and historical sites not only make for enjoyable vacations but as the backdrop for beloved series and movies.

5. Be Loud & Proud

Whether you visit for a special event or festival, or a weekend escape, you’ll find LGBTQ+ friendly activities, accommodations, businesses, and allies across the state.

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