You hear many companies say that they value their employees and that they are offering great benefits. Of course they do, they want to attract the best employees out there to their company. 

Do you want to find a career with excellent perks and benefits? Here are the 25 companies with the best benefits this year.

1. Microsoft

Thanks to Microsoft’s adoption benefits, daycare services, flexible work schedules, and social clubs, it’s a perfect place to work with comfort. They even have on-site retail shops and other services that enable you to enjoy entertainment and provide plenty of dining options.

2. Google

Google offers free food, free cooking classes, on-site gym facilities, on-site physicians, nurses, healthcare services, massage therapists, shuttle service, and more to its employees. Further, it takes good care of employees’ health and happiness.

3. Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg is always keen to support his employees throughout the company. Facebook offers a four-month paid parental leave with a good “Baby Cash” bonus to new parents.

4. HubSpot

You will get unlimited holidays, flexible working hours, and four weeks of extra paid leaves for every five years of employment with Hubspot – with an additional $1K for your time off.


NVIDIA features the best parental policies, including up to 22 weeks of paid leaves, reimbursements for adoption expenses, and in vitro fertilization plans.

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