10 Colleges Where Women Graduat es Earn More Than Men

While more women are attending college than ever before, they continue to  earn less than their  male counterparts.

But that’s not true at every university. There are some schools where female graduates actually  out-earn men.

5. Washington Adventist University

Among these most common majors are nursing as well as health and medical administrative services.

4. Cumberland University

Women are extremely overrepresented in teaching compared to men, which may explain why the school has such a good track record for  female graduates.

3. San Francisco Art Institute

San Francisco Art Institute is a private art school in California. A number of extremely famous female artists attended  the school.

2. Hampton University

One of the school’s most common majors is psychology. Far more women than men study psychology and become therapists.

1. Holy Names University

The school was originally established as a convent and only became coeducational in the  early 1970s.