50 College Majors That Earn The  Least Money

What undergraduates choose to major in during college can be a strong indicator of what an individual’s financial future looks like—and it’s not always rosy news.

Find out the college majors that earn the least money.

Parks And Recreation Management

Parks and recreation workers typically work for the government, which means they may see  fewer pay raises than  other workers.


Students looking to major in ceramics will learn about the science behind materials, plus sculpture and  drawing skills.

Vocal Performance

While some vocal performance majors may go on to perform sold-out arenas, many end up working in less  lucrative careers.

Pastoral Ministry

People don’t pay for spiritual counsel—other than tithes—and therefore there are no typical ways to drive  up earnings.

Art Teacher Education

Art teacher education majors most often go on to help nurture the next generation of creative minds, often at the elementary, middle, and high school levels.