How I Bought No Clothes For Over A Year [Clothing Ban]


I have bought no clothing for over a year now and I’m happier about it. Let’s dive into my one-year clothing ban and what you can learn from that!

What I’ve realized is that nothing I will ever buy makes me a better person, more likable, or more satisfied in the  long run.

This is again the Radical approach, but it certainly helps with building the habit. It’s a way to keep buying things out of sight, out of mind.

If you’re working towards Financial Independence, you know it: time is more important than money.

Instead of me feeling limited by the fact that I couldn’t add any new clothes, I felt freedom.

It’s all about being content with what you have and being aware of the impact that buying new things has on the environment.

This clothing ban was such a positive experience for me. I spend less attention on my clothes, I dress a lot quicker, and my clothing takes up  little space.