20 Christmas Traditions For Anyone With A Tiny Holiday Budget


The Christmas season is a special time of year because of the traditions we share with our family, friends, and ourselves.

Not to worry, though; there are plenty of Christmas traditions you can start now that are perfect if you’re short on cash.

1. Christmas Party Potluck

Hosting a Christmas party can be costly if you provide all the food and drinks. So instead, have a potluck where everyone brings their favorite dish  or drinks.

2. Hot Chocolate Bar

Every year everyone will look forward to going to your hot chocolate party. It’s fun for both kids and adults.

3. Holiday Craft Projects

Flex your creative muscles by making something for the holidays. There are many Christmas craft tutorials out there for all skill levels.

4. Local Christmas Events

There are always plenty of free local events in December, including Christmas concerts, tree lighting ceremonies, festivals, craft fairs, pub crawls, and more.

5. Watch Christmas Movies

With all the stress and running around involved with the holidays, it’s nice to have some downtime before Christmas to have a movie marathon.