5 Causes Of Procrastination [& How To  Tackle Them]

You want to start things, but you’re putting them off? You’re just waiting until the right moment, the right time, or your phone is simply more interesting?

Often times we’re putting off work that we want to do, and the problem is that we don’t realize it!

Here are the 5 root causes of procrastination.


It is too much for your brain to process the complex task, so the complex task was replaced by a simple task.

Overwhelmed Avoidance


When you lack prioritization you procrastinate and do the tasks that are unimportant and enjoyable first.

No Prioritization


When you’re trying to get things done, you have to actively prevent that you get distracted.

Shiny Things Syndrome


You have so many brilliant ideas, but somehow it’s hard for you to bring them  into practice.

Dreamer Lack Of Action