Why Your Career Is Your Greatest Financial Asset?

The average stock market return is 7%, the average return on commercial real estate is 9.5%. Unless you’re already retired, your greatest financial asset is most likely your career.

If you are able to increase your earnings throughout your career, while keeping your spending around the same level, you’ll have more money available to spend, save, and invest.

Your Greatest Financial Asset

If you would want to grow your wealth, getting the most out of your career is very important! To grow the amount you earn, it’s important to increase the growth rate of your salary.

Compounding Like Warren Buffett

If you’re investing the money you saved from your career throughout your life, you will even have more results!

My 21% Return On Investment

I went ahead and got a €477 raise + a promotion. Well, I did not see that coming! That means that I have a 21% Return on Investment in just 9 months!!

Focus On The Skills

If you’re willing to put in the work, you can literally add millions to your life by focusing on an above-average career. In that way, it certainly won’t take 45 years to become financially independent.