Can You  Afford To  Retire Early?

Achieving early retirement often requires sacrifices throughout your life. If you want to retire early, the most important advice you need to hear is to begin planning today.

Here are some tips and words of wisdom covering topics ranging from saving and investing to choosing where you will live to make your money go further.

Get A Second Job

A way to get there faster is by obtaining a second job. Working another job will enable you to pay off debt quicker and save more money.

Instead of trying to save money by always looking for the lowest price, try to spend intentionally by buying fewer but higher quality items and services.

Shop Smarter

Know Your Cost Of Living

If you want to retire early, it’s a good idea to get clear on what your baseline cost of living is or will be.

Keeping your lifestyle simple but fulfilling is another major key. To do this it would all start with reasonable spending, savings, and investing plans.

Mind Your (Financial) Behaviors

Use The  Rule Of 25

Calculate your retirement number with the rule of 25, where you multiply your expected retirement expenses by 25 to know how much you’ll spend.