23 Best Camping Recipes To Make on Your Next Trip

Camping meals are simple to throw together, whether you doing campfire cooking or cooking in an RV kitchen.

Easy Camping Recipes

1. Make Ahead Burritos

Make a big batch of these before your camping trip and freeze them, then reheat them at the campsite.

2. No-cook Southwest Salad

If you’re looking for a yummy vegetarian lunch that everyone will love, this southwest salad will become everyone’s new favorite dish.

3. Hawaiin Roll Cooler Sandwiches

This sandwich hack uses Hawaiin rolls and is an easy way to make many sandwiches in half the time.

4. Campfire Pizza

This pizza recipe is a breeze to make because it uses premade pizza dough, which is a  time saver.

5. Campfire S’Mores Nachos

Large pieces of graham crackers are topped with chocolate and marshmallows and cooked over the grill. Eat them with your hands like you would  regular nachos.