BUX Zero Review & My Experience

Do you want to start investing or feel like you want to try out new brokers? In this BUX Zero review, we’ll go into exactly what the BUX Zero platform is and how you can use it!

BUX is a company that offers financial services through mobile apps. They don’t have a web-platform like many other brokers.

What Is  BUX Zero?

When you’re a small investor, free trading on the platform is an advantage. Especially if you just started investing or your monthly recurring investment is still growing.

BUX Zero For Small Investors

The app is super user-friendly and convenient. You transfer money to your bank account and can buy shares with one click of a button.

The BUX  Zero App

BUX Zero offers three types of orders: – Market order  – Limit order – Zero Order

Commission Structure  BUX Zero

Everyone who creates a new BUX Zero account gets a free share. BUX chooses which share you get at random.

Free Share With Max Value Of €200