BUX Zero Review & My Experience In 2022

BUX is a company that offers financial services through mobile apps. They don’t have a web-platform like many other brokers.

When you’re a small investor, free trading on the platform is an advantage. Especially if you just started investing or your monthly recurring investment is still growing.

The new feature allows you to build a more diversified portfolio, based on stocks of companies you believe in. Instead of just the stocks you can afford.

Investing In Fractional Shares With Bux Zero

Bux Zero has also added a cryptocurrency feature to their app. It makes it one of the first brokers that offers stocks, ETFs and cryptocurrencies – all in one app.

Invest In Cryptocurrency With Bux Zero

Your money is available within seconds, which is quicker than the workday you have to wait on other platforms. This feature is only available for Dutch investors for now.

Transfer Money Within Seconds

When you want to invest in the BUX Zero platform, there are many American and European companies that you can invest in. If you are starting as an investor, this will probably be sufficient.

Limited Shares Offered