BUX Zero Review &  My Experience


Do you want to start investing or feel like you want to try out new brokers?

You may want to consider Bux Zero. In this review, you'll get to know more about the platform and how you can use it.

BUX Zero, founded in 2019, is built on the BUX platform. With BUX Zero, you can trade for free.

BUX Zero is regulated, which means that you get an account at ABN Amro that is protected up to €100.000.

Bux Zero has also added a cryptocurrency feature to their app. It makes it one of the first brokers that offers stocks, ETFs and cryptocurrencies – all in one app.

Another cool feature of BUX Zero is that you can transfer money into your account in seconds. BUX Zero has a partnership with Tikkie, where you can transfer money quickly to your BUX Zero account.

Try out the platform and see if it is for you. Step out of your comfort zone and start making money work for you!