5 Most Common Sources Of Business Startup Capital

Starting a business is a daunting feat. Not only do you need a great idea and a solid business plan, but you’ll need to gather the funds to get your organization off the ground.

Five Most Common Sources of Business Startup Capital.

#5. Business Credit Card(S)

Many business credit cards offer an introductory 0% APR for a year or longer, providing some flexibility to pay down startup costs over time before the high rate kicks in.

Many personal credit cards offer even longer introductory APR periods than business cards.

#4. Personal Credit Card(S)

#3. Personal Or Family Assets

Leveraging personal or family assets to start your business falls into the equity side of funding rather than debt, so you won’t have to worry about interest charges.

#2. Business Loan From  A Bank

If you can qualify for one of these loans, odds are you’ll be able to secure more money at a much lower interest rate than you would with a business credit card.

#1. Personal Or Family Savings

You’re using existing equity to launch a business rather than taking on debt, so you won’t owe interest or have to stress about repayment.