How To Build Your Own Retirement Plan 

A retirement plan is one such matter. Typical employment packages include a 401(k), which automatically takes a portion of your income to save for retirement.

Many people who are self-employed unfortunately do not know how to do this for themselves, and tend to put it off indefinitely.

To understand how to build your own retirement plan, it is important that we know what goes into a good retirement fund.

One of the benefits of retirement plans like the 401(k) is that the portion taken from your monthly salary is untaxed.

Untaxed Dollars


A huge benefit of a retirement plan is that you make monthly contributions. No matter what is going on in your life, your retirement plan grows as you get closer  to retirement.

Maximum Contributions

If you do want to save beyond what your retirement plan allows, you can open up another fund or investment, into which you put your  extra earnings.

Saving for retirement is important, but it should not be your sole priority. Taking a conventional route is a great way of planning for the future without neglecting  the present.