Breaking Free from the Daily Grind: How To Negotiate A Mini-Retirement

A mini-retirement can be a wonderful experience if you have the right plan for it. If you’re worried about how to negotiate a mini-retirement, don’t.

A mini-retirement is the perfect solution when you’re not financially independent yet, but you want to take a few months to pursue your dreams. Mini-retirements can be built into your life, without significantly delaying you on your way to financial independence.

What Do You Want?

Start thinking about what do you want? What is there on your bucket list that you really want to get done in this season of life? Start with writing these down, and selecting a reason that you want to take your mini-retirement for.

Make A Budget

I still believe that budgeting can still help you in many ways. For your mini-retirement, it’s kind of important to know if you can afford it and how it will influence your financial goals.

Ask Your Employer

It’s important that when you’re scheduling the meeting with your employer, this is not the first time they hear about this. It’s hard to convince someone this is your dream and you really want to pursue this when they never heard you talking about this.

Take The Mini-Retirement And Enjoy

Once you have the green light, go for it! This is your dream, follow your dreams unapologetically and go for what you want! You figured out why you want to take your mini-retirement, you’ve planned for it, and you’ve asked your employer.

Plan Your Next Mini-Retirement

Mini-retirements help me bridge the gap between my life now and hitting financial independence. Don’t wait for the most important things in your life until later. If they’re important to you and you plan for them, you can make them happen now!