Top 20 Best Books On Making Money

Do you like reading about how to get rich? Or at least know how to make money fast  and effectively?

If so, nothing beats success stories and inspirational tips  from the best books  on making money.

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1. Rich Dad Poor Dad (1997)

Rich Dad Poor Dad has mixed reviews due to its controversial plot. However, it can be quite helpful if you need the motivation to start working.

2. Your Money Or Your Life (1992)

“Your Money or Your Life” helps you maintain a good relationship with money through 9  important steps.

3. The Simple Path To Wealth (2016)

“The Simple Path to Wealth” provides the most practical investment advice.

4. Get Good With Money (2021)

In “Get Good With Money,” Tiffany talks about the 10 simple steps that can make you more stable financially.

5. Retire Before Mom And Dad (2019)

“Retire Before Mom and Dad” is a must-read if you want to earn a lot of money and retire early.


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