Bolivia Salt Flats Are TikTok Famous:

Are They Worth The Trip?

For years, the Bolivia Salt Flats have been a photographer’s dream, with their shifting optical illusions in the landscape, each better than the next.

But travelers ask if the Bolivian Salt Flats are worth the trip.

What Are The Bolivia  Salt Flats?

The Bolivia Salt Flats are the largest salt flats in the world, stretching over 4,050 square miles in a remote corner of  South America.

Visit The Bolivia  Salt Flats

Full-day experiences generally cost around $75 for a small group excursion and can cost hundreds of dollars for a luxury  private tour.

Beyond The Salt Flats

If you can find space in your itinerary for a multi-day tour, you’ll visit additional spots that are as photo-worthy as the  salt flats.

Travel Expenses

Flights cost around $200 from major Bolivian cities, while day tours of the salt flats cost at least $75. Multi-day tours start at about $300.

Are The Bolivia Salt Flats Worth The Trip?

If you can build out an itinerary that includes the salt flats and the rest of the region, visiting is worth it.