Best West Coast Small Towns To Live In

The American dream of buying a home in a quaint small town is still alive and well. In fact, a growing number of people consider rural living to be ideal.

Of course, a small town in a great location will always be more popular than one that’s truly remote. That’s where this list of the best small towns on the West Coast comes in handy.

Located just a few miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge, this community is well-positioned for workers who need to commute to Bay  Area offices.

Marin City, California

This Contra Costa County town was a bustling commercial hub  in the 1850s.

Pacheco, California

One Oakland Tribune advertisement from 1913 called East Richmond Heights “the garden of the gods.”

East Richmond Heights, California

Although Cambrian Park sits inside San Jose city limits, it is technically an unincorporated census-designated place.

Cambrian Park, California

First founded as a housing cooperative in 1946, Ladera has a  colorful history.

Ladera, California