Best Suburbs To Live In America

Suburbia is deeply ingrained in American culture, growing in popularity alongside the country’s love affair with cars and its network  of highways.

Here's a compilation of the best suburbs to live in America.

“The City of Warmth,” as Brentwood is known, holds an annual festival each September called Brentwood Days.

Brentwood, Missouri

The city of Clayton offers a variety of housing choices, from elegant single-family homes to condominiums and apartments.

Clayton, Missouri

Swarthmore has been a college town of sorts from the start, developing around Swarthmore College, founded in 1864, before officially becoming a borough in 1893.

Swarthmore, Pennsylvania

Clarendon Hills, which bills itself “The Volunteer Community,” holds a number of events in its downtown: a summer music concert series called “Dancin’ in the Street.” 

Clarendon Hills, Illinois

Great Neck Gardens provides a sparse quiet environment quite different from the overt hustle and bustle of New York City.

Great Neck Gardens, New York