Best Private Colleges In America

Whether you’re exploring colleges to potentially attend, or you want to see how your alma mater compares to its competitors, explore this list to see the best private colleges in America.

The fourth-oldest college in the nation, Princeton University has a competitive student-to-faculty ratio and a robust array of research opportunities for students.

Princeton University

Duke University

Duke University has strong programs in computer science, economics, and public policy analysis, and provides research opportunities in all majors.

Yale University

An Ivy League school, Yale has a number of secret societies and hundreds of on-campus organizations for students to participate in during their free time.

Stanford University

A top teaching and research university, Stanford offers students a work hard, play hard environment.

Harvard University

One of the country’s most prestigious universities, Harvard gives the lucky students who are accepted into the university the chance to study just about anything.

Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

It has a major focus on scientific and technological research and spends more  than $700 million each year to conduct research projects.