19 Best Paid Focus Groups – Earn Up To $300 Today

Do you want to earn extra money by just giving your opinion? Are you willing to share your views and get paid for them?

What Is A  Focus Group?

A focus group is a research technique, where around 6-10 participants are brought together to discuss the organization’s marketing campaign, or product.

Here are some legitimate websites that can earn you some extra bucks:

1. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is mainly a survey provider that pays you per survey, they also hold online paid focus groups to earn you up to $150  per session.

2. Respondent

Respondent provides paid focus groups concerned with a large variety of topics. All current focus groups are made available to you without going through a selection process.

3. American Consumer Opinion

American Consumer Opinion requires you to answer questions and provide your opinion on advertising, product, and projects. The usual pay is around $0.50 up  to $50.

4. User Interviews

User interviews is a research company that conducts both online and in-person paid focus groups. The average amount paid is about $50 an hour or an Amazon  gift card.

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