Best P2P Cashback Sign-Up Bonus For You [In 2022]

Do you want to have a great cashback sign-up bonus for any peer-to-peer platform? There are peer-to-peer (P2P) platforms that offer you cashback and rewards when you refer a friend (up to €1000!) when you sign up and invest with them.

Most peer-to-peer bonuses are available for international investors and non-European investors. If you’re having a European bank account, you’re all good.

– If you invest €100 with Kviku you get a €20 bonus on your first investment. – If you invest with IbanWallet, you get €10 with code GET10 and you can get 1.5% extra rate for the first two months with code EXTRA.

Cashback Campaigns

The biggest reason for offering a welcome or sign-up bonus is to incentivize people that are not familiar with the great world of P2P investing. They want you to try out the new way of online investing.

Why Would They Give Me A Cashback Sign-Up Bonus?

- Get Familiar With The P2P Lending Risks - Look For Links That Will Give You Cashback Sign-Up Bonuses - Click And Sign Up - Make Your First Investments

How Do I Make Sure I Get The P2P Cashback Sign-Up Bonus?

- Invest In Solid P2P Platforms - Invest In P2P Platforms With Buyback Guarantee - Diversify, Diversify, Diversify

How To Safely Invest In P2P Platforms