Are These The 14 Best Original Netflix Series Of All Time?  Fans Say Yes

Have you ever wondered and asked yourself, “What is the best Netflix original series of  all time?”

If you’re looking for a new series, keep reading for inspiration.

Mindhunter is an exciting series about two FBI agents, Holden Ford and Bill Tench, who study the minds of serial killers to help solve crimes.

1. Mindhunter

With its mysterious plot and surprising twists, Dark keeps viewers hooked and makes them think deeply about human nature.

2. Dark

Bojack Horseman is loved by many for its clever storytelling, complex characters, and the way it handles tough subjects with care.

3. Bojack Horseman

The show cleverly tells the story by switching between the past and the present, exploring themes of fear, loss, and family relationships.

4. Haunting Of  Hill House

5.  Arcane

The show combines beautiful animation and an exciting story to create an engaging experience for game fans and new viewers.