Best Midwest Small Towns To Live In

Midwesterners have a reputation for being friendly and straightforward, and despite what some of their coastal brethren might say, the region has plenty of world-class cities.

Best Midwest Small Towns To Live In

Five Points, Ohio

Five Points, Ohio, has a history as a hub of Italian immigration and culture.

Nashotah, Wisconsin

The town has a rich history as a railroad and stagecoach stop, and the state’s oldest restaurant, the Red Circle Inn.

Chagrin Falls, Ohio

Despite its small size, Chagrin Falls, Ohio, is home to more than 75 independent shops  and restaurants.

Terrace Park, Ohio

Terrace Park, Ohio, was once home to no little than a circus. In the Victorian era, the John Robinson Circus had its winter headquarters in Terrace Park.

Fox River Grove, Illinois

Residents today are no less spoiled for scenery, with excellent fishing, in particular, along the town’s river banks.