What Is The Best Font For A Resume? 

Are you wondering what is the best font for a resume? Here are the 5 best fonts to make your resume stand out and get the  attention of recruiters.

According to recent statistics, a recruiter will only look at your resume for a maximum of seven seconds. That is when you have to get them interested in your resume!

A serif font is a stylized version of a font where the alphabets usually end up in swashes, also known as feet.

A sans-serif font is a little more casual version of a font where the alphabets end with a blunt edge.

Let's jump straight into the list of the best fonts for resumes to use on a resume this year. They’re beautiful fonts that are completely free and available for everyone.

As the default font for Microsoft office, the most widely professionally used software, it is a given that Calibri holds a sense of familiarity with it.

Used by major companies such as Yahoo, Twitter, and Amazon, Georgia is, without a doubt, the very best of what you can get.

The Helvetica font comes in with its fairly straightforward readability and clear font; you can rest easy that your message is going to get across.

Designed back in the early 1400s with the exact time of origin not entirely known, Garamond is the prime example of a font done right.

A sans-serif counterpart of Georgia, Verdana was also created for Microsoft as part of their font bundles to be used their office products.