What Is The Best Font For A Resume? [Make Your Resume Stand Out]


When you’re writing your resume, you want to make sure that it’s clear and the recruiters can easily read what you have to say. A resume font is crucial for that.

There are many font families to choose from. Here are the best fonts to make your resume stand out and get that next job!

The two most commonly used typefaces in a resume are serif fonts and sans-serif fonts.

1. Calibri As the default font for Microsoft office, the most widely professionally used software, it is a given that Calibri holds a sense of familiarity  with it.

2. Georgia

3. Helvetica Helvetica font comes in with its fairly straightforward readability and clear font; you can rest easy that your message is going to get across.

Whether the font you use is one from the list or something you prefer, make sure you stay consistent with the font throughout the document.