12 Best Dog Walking Jobs  Apps And Sites [Earn $2000+]

Do you want to make extra money while spending time with dogs? Here are the best apps and websites to find dog walking jobs to earn extra cash!

So, are you ready to become a dog walker? Here is all the vital info you need to know to start your new job.

Rover is by far the most popular app for pet walking and pet sitting jobs. It is effortless to sign up and start getting paid for walking dogs.

2. Wag

Wag is a dog walking app for the 18 and above dog walker to make money walking dogs. You can earn about $25 per hour on average, but subtracting their 40% commission, and you get $15-$17 per hour.

3. DogWalker

Dogwalker is a website that enables you to advertise yourself as a dog walker. You can display your profile, including your core competencies, experience, and service rates for clients.

Pet Backer is a website offering dog walking services to various countries. There is no minimum age requirement for walkers, allowing teenagers to sign up and walk dogs as well.

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