9 Of The Best Delivery Apps To Try Today

One of those industries that grew rapidly during the pandemic: Online Delivery Apps & Food Delivery Services.

Picking out the best food delivery apps also got a bit trickier because all of a sudden – there were so many to  choose from!

Best Delivery Apps To Checkout

1. DoorDash

DoorDash is the top choice for most consumers who are looking for no-nonsense food delivery. They’re the equivalent of “Uber” i n the food delivery industry.

Besides the cool name, GrubHub has served as the primary competitor for DoorDash and is more widely available. Great alternative if you’re looking to break away from Uber Eats or DoorDash.

2. GrubHub

3. Uber Eats

– You won’t be dissatisfied with Uber Eats, however, while Uber shines in the rideshare world, as does most of their attention. Though they did recently acquire #4 on the list!

4. Postmates

You can’t go wrong with Postmates, so long as you live in a big city. The perk to this is a lower delivery fee and in some cases, with traffic, faster!