Best Budget Apps To Fit Your Goals And Lifestyle


Are you a fan of Dave Ramsey’s advice and the zero-based budgeting strategy? Or, are you a couple looking to improve your money management skills to reach your  financial goals?

Regardless of your walk of life, from a college student to a sassy grandma, we’ve got them all covered! We listed the best budget apps that can best fit your needs.

Best For Zero-Based Budget: You Need A Budget (YNAB)

Best For Investors: Personal Capital – Price: Free – Customer Rating: 4.7 – Notable Features: Interactive cash flow graph, retirement planner, investment checkup tool, net  worth tracking

Best Overall: Mint: Personal Finance & Money

Best For Envelope System: Goodbudget Budget Planner – Price: Free, offers in-app purchases – Customer Rating: 4.7 – Notable Features: Spending by envelope report, free ten regular envelopes.

Choosing a budgeting app ultimately will come down to your preference and lifestyle regardless if another app has a free  version available.