15 Best Apps Like OfferUp: Best Selling Sites  This Year

While OfferUp may be one of the most popular and top-selling online marketplaces for posting and browsing listings, there are competitive sites that offer  cheaper services.

Best Apps Like OfferUp

Olx is one of the largest companies that provide an online marketplace based on location.

1. Olx

If you want to declutter your home, run a garage sale and sell your items online, VarageSale is the right platform for you.

2. VarageSale

Shpock is an e-commerce platform where you can buy and sell online anything from low-value items  such as DVDs and shoes to high-value items such as cars and  other electronics.

3. Shpock

Close5 allows you to find goods within a few miles of your current location. It also shows the items recently sold near your location.

4. Close5

5. TradeMade

TradeMade is quite different from other buying and selling apps. It allows you to get your desired product or service in exchange for an offer from your side.