Become A Shipt Shopper: How  You Can Make Money Shopping


Shipt has been a great option for those  staying home but still need groceries or  other items for  their household.

So what is Shipt? How can you make money as a Shipt Shopper? Is it worth trying?

Shipt is an American delivery service owned by Target. You’ll shop and deliver the items in the given timeframe.

Common items that can be delivered using Shipt include groceries, snacks, dairy, beverage, pantry, household essentials, frozen, baby, and more.

According to Shipt, their more experienced shoppers can make anywhere from $16–$22 an hour.

Besides solid pay and flexible work schedules, Shipt gives you additional perks by being a member of their team. Things like discounts on insurance, prescriptions, and more.

If you are looking for work or to make extra money and don’t mind the delivery services, then becoming a Shipt Shopper could be a good gig for you.