Be Aware Of Illegal Side Hustles - Your Summer Guide


Most of us are making out the most this summer to earn some extra bucks. There are so many side hustles now that will certainly help you get some much needed dollars for your account.

Just be aware that not all side hustles are as legal as you think they are. Here are some of the illegal side hustles that you should be aware of.

1. WhatsApp Ponzi Scheme Once they already reached their quota, they would kick out the investors and  hide the group.

2. Facebook Scams Facebook scams are typically happening every day, from selling products such as bags, shoes, clothes, and up to services.

3. Bitcoin Fraud Online

4. Insider Trading Making a profit through an insider’s access to confidential information on the stock exchange for their advantage is illegal.

Doing something illegal and wrong may provide you with the money you need for your plans and needs, but would you really feel right about it?