Barista FIRE – Your Definitive Guide Towards Financial Independence


Many people are joining the Barista FIRE movement with one goal in mind, and that is to retire early before reaching the regular age of retirement.

Barista FIRE is a term used that originated from the concept of a coffee barista, and FIRE, financial independence, and retire early.

If you’re thinking of working toward early retirement, you need to plan it properly, and by that, you need to earn an income where you can reach your target  net worth.

Barista FIRE motivates you to have a part-time job or prevalence of freelance work  while retired.

With Barista FIRE, expect that you will work just 10-20 hours per week or less depending on  your choice.

To calculate your FIRE number in a simple equation, multiply your estimated annual expenses in retirement by 25.

Barista FIRE makes it possible to live the dream. Have enough wealth, not work for long hours, no unpaid overtime, flexible working hours, and extra time for their hobbies and passions.