Comparing The Average Net Worth In The Netherlands


When we compare the average net worth in the Netherlands, we will compare the net worth of different households. It will give us a number that we can work with.

Let's learn about the average net worth in the Netherlands and the Netherlands’ average savings!

The Dutch median household net worth is €49.800. The number is calculated by adding up savings, investments, and property valuations.

When we compare the median wealth of €49.800 with the average household wealth of €196.500, it is immediately apparent that the wealthiest are skewing the average net worth numbers.

The average savings are €40.800 per household, while the median savings are €13.900 per household.

To increase your wealth, raise the money that comes into your bank account. You can do this by increasing the salary at your job or making extra money on the side.

It doesn’t matter where we stand. In the end, it is just numbers. Be motivated and inspired to up your net worth.