36 Best At Home Date Night Ideas

It can be challenging to free up the time to go on a date night. There is often not enough time or energy to go on a fancy date night between side hustles and full- time jobs.

That’s why date night ideas at home can be such a great alternative. For starters, it costs less money and less energy. 

We have come up with a ton of fun stay at home date ideas for couples. The majority of them are super budget-friendly.

1. Have A Themed Dinner For Your Stay At Home Date Night

Pick a country that you’re both loving and make dinner together inspired by that country. It can make things a little better when you can’t travel, and you’re missing all the great food.

2. Have A Tasting Party

Pick any food or drinks category that you like. You can choose beer, wine, or whiskey, but also chocolate, cheese, or ice cream. Taste it and rank it on a piece of paper.

3. Have A Picnic

It’s fun to throw out your blanket anywhere you want around the house and have a picnic lunch or dinner. You can do it inside when it is cold outside, or when you live on the 3rd floor without a garden like me.

4. Have A Cook-Off

Spice things up and challenge each other to a cook-off. Getting in a little friendly competition can boost energy both in your evening and the relationship.

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