ARKK Vs. ARKW – Which Tech ETF Is A Better Choice?


ETFs that focus on emerging markets can provide you with a good return on investment if you choose the suitable asset class for your invested funds.

Two very popular ETFs that are new to the scene are ARKK and ARKW. But which of these ETFs are the best?

ARKK or ARK Innovation ETF is an actively managed fund with a minimum of 65% of its assets invested in foreign and domestic securities.

ARKW or ARK Next Generation Internet ETF is actively managed, with managers investing about 80% of assets in companies that provide internet-related services.

ARKK focuses on technologies that are mainly next-generation advancements. From artificial intelligence to cyber storage. It also has finance technology.

ARKW is interested primarily in e-commerce, cloud computing, and shared value platforms.

ARKK has an expense ratio of 0.75%, while ARKW’S expense ratio  is 0.83%.