ARKK Vs. ARKQ – Which Ark ETF Is Better For Your Portfolio?

Need a more diversified portfolio as part of your investment strategy? This article will discuss an in-depth comparison of ARKK vs. ARKQ.

ARKK or ARK Innovation ETF is created by ARK Invest. This fund seeks to track assets with long-term growth potential.

ARKK: ARK Innovation ETF

ARKQ: ARK Autonomous Technology &  Robotics ETF

ARKQ is another ETF created and managed by ARK Invest. Just like ARKK, ARKQ tracks assets with long-term growth potential.

Key Differences

ARKK invests in companies across different sectors in the technology value chain. However, ARKQ is far more limited, with most of its robotics and autonomous technologies stock.

Performance Differences

Over the last five years, ARKK has posted a higher return (38.41%) compared to ARKQ (30.17%).


Both ARKK and ARKQ have the same expense ratio fees of 0.75%.