ARKK Vs. ARKQ – Which Ark ETF Is Better For  Your Portfolio?


ARKK and ARKQ are two Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) created and issued by  ARK Invest.

Their core investment philosophy focuses on robotics, artificial intelligence, DNA sequencing, blockchain, and energy storage businesses.

Let's discuss an in-depth comparison of ARKK  vs. ARKQ.

ARKK or ARK Innovation ETF is created by ARK Invest. The core focus of ARKK is disruptive innovation.

ARKQ or ARK Autonomous Technology & Robotics ETF invests in the US and foreign assets with technological innovation themes.

ARKK vs. ARKQ have similar fees. Both ARKK and ARKQ have the same expense ratio fees of 0.75%.

The important thing to remember is that investing will play a big part in your journey to financial freedom. So gear up and start and enhance your investment journey now.