15 Top Apps Like Shopkick - Save & Earn Money

If you want to save or earn even more money than through Shopkick, there are other reward apps that you may find more satisfying.

Other Apps  Like Shopkick

The app pays you through its partner brands. There are hundreds of popular brands for you to shop from.

1. Drop

Capital One Shopping is a great alternative to Shopkick, with over 8,000 reviews on iPhone and 9,000 on Android Play Store.

2. Capital One Shopping

Receipt Hog allows you to get cashback through coins on every purchase you make in the store. The more you use the app, the more coins you  can earn.

3. Receipt Hog

Paribus provides a lot of money-saving options without asking for much effort. It refunds you cash if you purchase an item within the last year and its price drops.

4. Paribus

5. Nielsen

Nielsen enters you into the sweepstakes after you install the app on your phone or computer.