10 Best Alabama Beaches And Places To Stay


Nothing soothes the soul like a day by the ocean, and Alabama beaches deliver just that. The warm waters of the gulf make the beaches of Alabama a prime location for laid-back beach lovers.

Best Beaches  In Alabama

1. Gulf Shores Main Public Beach

Located where Highway 59 halts to a stop, the Gulf Shores Main Public Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Alabama.

2. Orange Beach

Orange Beach is the perfect place to experience Mother Nature’s magic. Travelers come to this spot because of its many fun activities and attractions.

3. Romar Beach

Although this beach is on the smaller side, there is plenty of space for you to unwind and relax along the Gulf of Mexico’s  temperate waters.

4. Gulf State Park

Guests get the best of both worlds when visiting Gulf State Park. That is the perfect beach to keep you busy but also relaxed.

5. Dauphin Island Beach

Located on the southernmost point of the state, Dauphin Island Beach is known as the “Sunset Capital of Alabama.”