Career Suicide: 10 Actors Who Walked Away From Blockbuster Franchises And Never Found Success Again

In Hollywood, a single wrong choice in roles can turn an actor’s dream into dust. 

Here are the actors who jumped on their career planes without  a parachute.

1. Terrence Howard

Popular for his role as War Machine in the first Iron Man, the gateway to the MCU, Terrence Howard is noticeably not in the second movie.

2. Sean Connery

You may have always associated the iconic Gandalf with Sir Ian McKellen, but did you know it could have been Sean Connery had he not turned the  role down?

3. Lacey Chabert

Leaving Family Guy is one of the worst decisions Lacey Chabert did for her career. Mila Kunis replaced her and made a fortune from this gig.

4. Ja Rule

This American rapper was in the first Fast and Furious movie, but because he had to attend the Fyre Festival, he declined an appearance for  the second.

5. Katie Holmes

When she married Tom Cruise, one of the roles Katie Holmes took a pass on was The Dark Knight. She became unavailable for many roles.