Acorns Review – A Detailed Guide To Micro-Investing


Acorns is one of the more widely used micro-investing apps. We’ll show you how Acorns can help you grow your investments.

Acorns is the first platform that establishes the idea of rounding up your purchases to the nearest dollar.

Using this feature lets you save $30 extra monthly on average. The more you use Acorns for your investments, the more you can have additional contributions.

Besides investing small amounts for you, Acorns also provides standard banking services at a  low price.

The website affirms that every dollar you invest is automatically diversified into more than 7,000 stocks  and bonds  through fractional  share purchases.

The security in your investment accounts is SIPC-protected up to $500,000, and your checking account is FDIC-insured up to $250,000.

If you have trouble starting your investment journey, do the micro-saving style and use Acorns to help you grow your funds.