7 Ways To Avoid Impulsive And Compulsive Spending

We all make unplanned purchases from time to time. It can be as simple as doing groceries while you’re hungry and picking up something extra you didn’t plan on buying.

You’ve probably wondered why you do this. Impulsive spending happens for many different reasons. Some are entirely harmless, and others can be more serious.

These are some of the methods you can use to avoid acting on impulse, and if you believe that your problem is a lot more serious, please, we advise you to get professional help.

Realizing You Have A Problem

To manage this, you need to keep track of your spending habits. Do you make rational buying decisions? Do you know what you want vs. what you need? Can you stick to the budget that you set for yourself?

Take Back Control Of Your Finances

Ask yourself what the valid reason for your behavior is and take back control.

Set Yourself Up For Success

What helped me resisting the temptation is: – Unfollowing people on social media who make me feel bad about myself. – Unsubscribing to newsletters of my favorite stores.

Avoid Credit Cards When Possible

If you believe you have an impulsive or compulsive spending problem, try to avoid using credit cards.

Set Up A Waiting Period

As impulsive shopping is a very spur-of-the-moment thing, one of the best ways to avoid it is to set up a waiting period for yourself before every purchase.

Don’t Be Overly Restrictive

I often find that being overly restrictive doesn’t work for me, so finding a balance like this is much more likely to work in the long term.

Seek Professional Help

If your spending habits start impacting your life, never shy away from seeking professional help or behavioral therapy.