6 Steps To Choose The Best Mintos Loan Originators [For 2022]

Mintos is currently the biggest and fastest-growing peer-to-peer lending platform in Europe. In their online loan marketplace, you can invest in all different types of loans.

On the Mintos platform, you can invest through different loan originators. A loan originator is a lending company or group. These companies are mostly fintech organizations and small businesses that offer loans to individuals.

To know which Mintos loan originators are a fit for you, I’ve written down the analysis I did to check which loan originators I feel comfortable investing in.

Before we’re looking at any loan originator, I’ve looked at the loan originator rating of Explore P2P. They have this great overview of loan originators together with their own ratings.

ExploreP2P Rating

The Mintos Risk Score is based on: – The company’s loan portfolio performance (40%) – The efficiency of loan servicing (25%) – Buyback strength (25%) – A legal contract between Mintos and the loan originator (10%)

Ratings At Mintos

With a buyback guarantee, the loan originators offer to buy back the loan after 60 days of payment delay.

Buyback Guarantee

You can only select the countries you want to invest in and start investing in Mintos immediately!


The exchange rate of these currencies can fluctuate highly depending on macroeconomic factors or politics. This is the biggest risk when you’re exchanging currencies.


One thing that I would like to point out is that some have a penalty for late payment. Meaning that you get a penalty amount instead of your interest on a late loan.

Interest On Late Loans